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Calendar View and Birthday Reminder 🎈

Why have an app dedicated to birthdays?
It’s true, Facebook reminds you of birthdays or you can save them in the calendar.
But all your family and friends have Facebook? How many commitments do you save in the calendar between work, family, etc.?
So it is easy to forget about some birthday or to buy a gift.
With Birthday Reminder you will have a free dedicated app where you can save all your birthdays, all your gift ideas and be able to make your wishes in an original way with dozens of birthday cards and original phrases.
Do you prefer to have your birthdays on a list or calendar?
With Birthday Reminder you don’t have to choose and in addition everything is organized. Fantastic!

Birthday Reminder Calendar

Birthday & Anniversary

Birthday Reminder: Easy and useful

Birthday Reminder is the free app for Android that will help you never forget the birthday of your friends or family🎉. Say YES to a reminder and calendar for birthdays and anniversaries that is simple to use, intuitive, trendy and extremely useful

Birthday Reminder will remind you of all your friends’ birthdays and you won’t have to worry about losing any of them for forgetfulness or commitments. Make your friends happy and make their birthday special with the latest app that helps you remember birthdays and anniversaries

Birthday cards and greeting phrases ❤️

Celebrate your friends’ birthday by sending them the most suitable birthday card, you can choose from dozens of greeting cards!
Choose the one you like best and match it with a birthday greeting phrase or write your own!
You will surely be the most original to wish!

Greeting cards not only for birthdays! Celebrate the most important holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and 4th of July – American Independence Day, Christmas and New Year!

Birthday Card & Greetings Phrases

🌔 Cool Night Mode 🌖

Calendar Night Mode

Birthday Gift Ideas

Collect Bday Gift Ideas 🎁

Every time you don’t know what to give to your family or a friend for their birthday? Yet if you think about it how many times have you happened to walk around the shops and think: this would be just fine for him! Or even to hear him talk about what he likes or would like to have or that they would give him? With Birthday Reminder and its gift ideas collector you no longer have to worry about being unprepared! A tip: write your friends’ hobbies and interests here too, they will help you find the perfect gift for their birthday!

Customization and backup 😎

Privacy: your birthdays will be saved only on your smartphone, we do not have access to your data.

Backup: save your birthdays in the SdCard or on Google Drive to not lose them when you change your smartphone!

Backup & Settings

Bday Reminder Widget

Birthday Reminder Widget 📲

Choose between 2 widgets to keep all your birthdays under control:

  • A less intrusive widget that reminds you of next birthday in next month.
  • Another more complete widget that will show you all the birthdays of the next month

Now you have everything you need to never miss a birthday and celebrate it in the best way! 🎊

Get Birthday Reminder Free App android